Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Sip of Gold

Last fall, in the excitement of high canning season I tried making some Pear Liqueur. I had grabbed Classic Liqueurs from our local home brew shop and finally had a chance to try it. I made the Golden Pear Liqueur (page 39). With one thing and another, it took me forever to get around to the final step - just straining it a couple of times. I did it, FINALLY, the other day. It took five minutes.

Immediately I was shocked that I had waited SO long to strain this amazing and delectable goodness. I could have been sipping this for the last 5 months! It's sweet. It's syrupy (maybe too syrupy...I need to experiment a little more). It tastes of sun-warmed Bartlet Pears. It's amazing.

I'm going to need to make some more liqueurs. Strawberry? My own amaretto? Milk liqueur? Who knows? It's going to be yet another food making adventure in our home.

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