About the Farm Features

I frequently write about foods I cook from local farms. One thing I really believe in is supporting local farms and sustainable food sources. I love getting to know farmers, developing those relationships, knowing that the meat on my table or the berries in my jam were touched by people who know and love me. These farmers have watched me grow as a cook, writer, and parent. They have celebrated the births of my children with me.

I frequently benefit, gifted food by the farms I write about. This is the beauty of community, where everyone is winning. I am better at writing than farming; these farms have their hands full and not as much time to write as I have. I get food and cooking and writing challanges. They get exposure and new recipes. It is mutual. It is symbiotic. It is the basis of what I believe a better world could look like - where talents and passsions are shared so that everyone walks away satisfied.

I would write these recipes and I would recommend these farms regardless of any benefits I might receive. I will not reccomend any farm or procuct or anything on my blog that I am not already interested in, invested in, or in whole-hearted support of as a consumer.

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