Monday, May 23, 2011

Mindful Monday Redux

Boy. Last week's Mindful Monday Intention really nailed me. The previous weeks I was able to work the new thing into routine easily - probably because it was one static thing each day to remember. This whole washing hands thing is more complicated because I have to remember multiple times each day, and remember to remind Brother-Bug to wash his hands.

So we're going to have a re-do on this one instead of adding a new intention this week. We are sill going for Clean Hands. We'll get it.

The positive from it: I did get everything in place to make this work - helpful poster in the bathroom, full and working soap dispensers, and soon-to-be-filled hand sanitizer dispensers. Now we just need to use them!

Here are the details from last week's post, lest we forget. I have made a few edits for the new and improved hand washing week!

  • WHO: Me and the kids (Papa-Bug can play too, if he wants to).
  • WHAT: Always washing hands before eating/cooking.
  • WHY: Because I know that we should but it's something I never have really enforced. Frankly, it's something I am lazy about (likely because it's not something my mom ever enforced). I know we will all be healthier for having clean hands. And I want to give my kids these good habits that I didn't get...
  • HOW: I will find a hand washing song to sing before each meal to remind us that it is time. I will continue to patiently strive to add this good habit to our days.

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