Saturday, May 7, 2011

Raising a Reader of Books

Brother-Bug has always been a reader. From the time of infancy, before he could point, he would spot a favorite book and shriek at it, waving his fat arms until I capitulated and read it to him...over and over and over.

Sister-Bug has taken a little longer to come to the conclusion that books are more than a teething delicacy. But now she is full swing, bring me book after book and requesting that I drop everything and read. If I don't do so, she whacks me in the leg with her book and howls. So I frequently drop everything and read. The same very dull board books. Over and over and over.

If you are a parent you know the ones. Anything with baby faces. Anything with trucks (that was the boy) or kitties (that is the girls passion). Over and over and over.

Luckily there are some really great ones that I do read happily many, many times.

I Kissed the Baby
(Mary Murphy) & The Way I Feel (Janan Cain) come to mind. The wonderful many books by Sandra Boynton are also fun on repeat.

But mostly I remind myself over and over and over that reading these books is teaching my kids that books are wonderful. That it is so important to read - more important than doing the dishes sometimes! I want them to love books and have them around througout their lives. I want reading and literacy to be a staple in their lives. So I read these mind-numbing baby face books. Over and Over and Over.

Because here is the goal:

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