Monday, May 9, 2011

Mindful Monday: I Go for a Double

Last week's Monday Intention was to have a "Three-good-things" check-in with Brother-Bug at his bed time. It's been great for both of us. Winding down and chatting up the day a bit. I was often surprised at some of the things he chose as his three best things. Once he chose a consequence, which had been hard at the time, saying he felt it had been good in the long run. Is he really four?

I debated and debated what I want this week's Mindful Monday Intention to be. There were two and I want to do them both, and I just can't decide. However, one is a morning thing and one is an evening thing, so I'll try for them both, no expectations on myself!

Number One!
  • WHO: Me and our Bed
  • WHAT: Morning Make the Bed
  • WHY: Finally, after almost 2 months, the bedroom is unpacked! I need to fling up some curtains and put a few coats away, but it is essentially clean and comfortable. And even a messy room feels so much better for having a made bed. Since it's a down comforter, all I have to do is smooth it up. It's a one-minute task that makes the whole room feel better - as well as keeping the sheets cleaner.
  • HOW: When I get dressed I will simply smooth the blankets up over the bed and make sure the quilt the baby uses for naps is available.

Number Two!
  • WHO: Me - Just Me!!
  • WHAT: Taking a Walk
  • WHY: I need exercise. I need a few minutes of downtime for myself. I have been making the excuse that we haven't set up the rowing machine yet, so I can't possibly exercise. But I have two awesome legs and a pair of sneakers. So I can pop in my iPod and go for a stroll. Even a non-aerobic walk will be more exercise than sitting around in the evening. I will try to walk for 15-minutes 4 times a week.
  • HOW: First thing after dinner I will leave the kids with Papa-Bug and start to walk, exploring our new neighborhood. I can time walking 7-8 minutes one way and then walk back home. I can "power walk" or walk slowly. It's the time and intention that is important here, not the quality of the actual exercise.
Voila! Two intentions. What are you doing this week?


Over at ButtonedUp they have this beautiful post about making the bed and how it is a connection for a whole family. Lovely. Timely.

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