Thursday, May 5, 2011

Invitation to Help Japan - Tomorrow May 6th!

To Anyone Reading This -
The recent tragedies in Japan have shocked and saddened us all. While spared from personal tragedy, we nonetheless pray for those who are rebuilding their lives and country one day at a time. I was contacted by an artist friend who has spearheaded a “Helping Hands for Japan” art auction. The photo you see above are tracings of my hand and my 4-year old's hand, which we worked together to paint. These hands, along with more than 80 others from all kinds of artists, will be auctioned off this coming Friday, May 6th. All proceeds of this online auction are going to aid the efforts of the Red Cross as they work to help those in need in Japan.

My son made his hand with the knowledge that he would be helping the people of Japan. Most particularly, he is concerned that they get the sushi restaurants fixed so he has somewhere to eat when he goes to visit someday!

Please check out the Facebook Page where you can see the amazing art work that artists have been inspired to make for this event. It is truly amazing and heart warming. Please consider dropping by the online auction and bidding for a hand. Spread this invitation far and wide, to anyone you think might be interested. Every one can lend a hand.

Another Mom and Her Little Boy

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