Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Necklace from a Friend

I got this gorgeous hand carved necklace today at Saturday Market . It is carved from a piece of reclaimed wood that will become more burnished and glowing as I wear it and it takes on my skin's oils.

I was browsing around my friend Taryn's Etsy Shop - Mystic Orb - where she and her husband Jeff display their creations. I had looked at their market booth a couple of times, but I am usually so busy working that I don't do a lot of real shopping. Anyway. I saw this pendant on their shop. Today I helped take their order from the farm booth to their craft booth and I saw this one again. It really grabbed me, and happily it became mine!! I'm so happy.

Wooly Moss Roots is Taryn's blog, and I have enjoyed reading about their life up in the woods. It makes me a little jealous. I would love to have goats.


  1. I have been eying their stuff for a while and am just waiting for someone to buy me something :-)

  2. I've enjoyed browsing at their booth, too. I haven't bought myself anything nice in awhile; I think it may be time to indulge.

  3. Hello, I bought a tree pendant from their Etsy shop. I love it. Yours is beautiful too!
    Enjoy wearing it.x