Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Morning is Hard

On Friday we run errands. Our errands are relatively small - library, groceries, sometimes other side errands like picking up dry-cleaning or similar. I try to break it up with a trip to a park or Bounce for open gym if it is raining. 

We shop at a food co-op where most food is bulk, so I have to remember my own bags and containers. I have to gather the due library books. Also purse, snacks, diaper bag, and anything necessary for any other errands.

No matter how I try, getting us in the car is hard. And I hate it. And I often end up yelling in frustration, which is not the way I want to parent.


It is obvious to me that I need to change the way we do errands, but the question then becomes how exactly do they need to change? What can I do to ease the process? I don't need the errands to take less time - I need getting ready for them to have better flow.

I wonder what other people do - when they shop, do they bring their kids, how they balance the errands that must be done with the adventures they want to have...

I need to contemplate and do some brainstorming. Several ideas have come up... If anyone else has any inspiration I would be happy to explore ideas.

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