Monday, July 18, 2011

Crisp and Tasty

Our new house is blessed with a bank of Day Lillies out front - both orange and a deep red.

I considered this quite a blessing because flowers are lovely and Day Lillies need little special attention.

A friend, visiting from elsewhere, enlightened my to the delightful prospect of eating Day Lilly petals! They are incredibly crisp and bitable, with a melon flavor. Melon might not be the best descriptor, but it is the best I can think of.

A google search has found lots of pages with recipes galore, like this page.

For now, I think I will add them to salads. It's amazing how a few flowers or petals make a salad so much more delightful, as well as appetizing to the Little-Bugs. Thanks to my friend for the new edible flower!

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