Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just a Thing I Do

I made spanikopita for dinner. This is something I do a couple of times each year. This evening I was thinking about when I learned the recipe.

As far as I can remember it was probably about twenty years ago, while I was studying Greece and its culture. As a homeschooled kid I undertook a full Greek banquet as part of the project, along with other components. Homeschooling rocks.

But back to this evening's dinner.

Spanikopita is one of those recipes that I can't give out because I know it in my hands and heart, and I wouldn't know how to write it down. I can tell you that I usually add other greens to the spinach - kale, nettles, whatever. I can tell you that it bakes at about 350 until it's done. It should certainly have lots of garlic.

Recipes like this, recipes that live in my bones, delight me. I cook them and it feels like a dance. I eat them and I am sated to my core. My spanikopita recipe is twenty years a part of who I am.

Does anyone else have recipes like this? What is a core piece of you?

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