Monday, August 22, 2011

Mindful Monday: A Little Bit for Me

I've noticed that when I take 5 minutes in the morning to groom and care for myself - prefferably with the bathroom door closed! - I have a much better day. So that's my intention for this week, just a little bit of self care.

Who: Me! Just ME!
What: Prioritizing my daily ablutions.
Why: If I put myself together in the morning, I feel so much more on top of my day. Everything else might fall apart, but at least I have deodorant on, right?
How: Take the time to brush my teeth, wash my face with rosewater, put on deodorant, brush and fix my hair (which hangs past my hips and I usually keep up), and choose some earrings for the day. Reward myself with a new pair (or two!) of earrings. Attempt to accomplish this before 9:00, but don't beat myself up if it happens later.

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