Monday, August 15, 2011

Mindful Monday: Back To Just Us

Sister-Bug with Muzzy on a beach walk.
One of our major summer events is the six-week visit of my dad and his wife. Once they parked their giant RV at a trailer park for the summer, but when we moved we made sure we got enough yard space to share. Today is the last day of their visit.

It has been a wonderful summer. The kids have been in ecstasies over the backyard grandparents. It's nice to have a second set of adults around. Sister-Bug has really gotten close with them, which is so good since they live on the East Coast the rest of the year.

There is going to be some serious sadness in the land if my little people when the RV disappears around the corner later today. This Monday I'm focusing on getting us back into the swing of being a family of four, and helping the kids with the big feelings this is going to generate.

Without further ado, Mindful Monday today...

Who: The whole family
What: Re-group as a small nuclear family
Why: To ease and support some of the shock of losing two such loving playmates.
Puz and Brother-Bug starting a major excavation project.
How: Exert a lot of patience with the kids while they process this sad event. Do some work around getting ready for Winter Solstice (we may be a little early on that, but since it is the next time we see Muzzy and Puz, it might help to focus on the future). Get ready for a family camping trip this weekend - get everything together and focus the kids on camping fun. Enjoy and appreciate the things we did with Muzzy and Puz, make lists of favorite moments, make a scrapbook...


I missed Mindful Monday and Wordless Wednesday last week. With the last week of grandparents, siblings coming into town, canning blueberries, and everything else, the blog slipped through my fingers. Life is like that.


  1. Oh my gosh, backyard grandparents sound like SO much fun. What great memories you're creating! Hope your transition back to "just you" goes as smoothly as possible.

  2. So far so good - though Brother-Bug tells me frequently that he is just too sad to do things like brush his teeth...