Thursday, March 31, 2011

No More Nursing

The title here is misleading. Of course I am still nursing my one-year old. It's the four-and-a-half year old who recently stopped. I was blessed to tandem nurse both my babies for almost a year. And then I realized I was ready to be done with nursing my son. In my heart I wanted it to be his decision, or at least a mutual understanding. We talked and talked about this. We started talking in November, and in January we were still talking.

I finally made the call. January 31st was his last day to nurse. He sailed through it with assorted feelings, had an ice cream sundae, and I was down to one nursling. In the wake, I mentioned to Papa-Bug that he needed to eat right away when he woke up because he was waking up hungry expecting that good Mama Milk.

The child overheard me and a frequent refrain from him has been; "I just don't think I get enough dairy in the mornings, Mama." I've offered cow milk and milk alternatives. No dice.

Brainwave yesterday. I have some bags of Sister-Bug's milk in the fridge that I pumped when overflowing last spring. So I warmed on up and put it in a cup.

And he didn't really like it.

I told him that it didn't taste as good as it did because his body doesn't need it anymore.

He looked proud of being so grown up.

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