Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Like A Migratory Bird

Once upon a time I had other blogs. But those were too much for me and I needed to downsize. The pressure of keeping up with a work blog (when not Momming-Around I am an herbalist) AND a personal blog. All on my own site, needing to do upgrades and whatnot.

The truth is, I love blogging. I love sharing and I love writing. I don't love dealing with computer stuff. And I realized that there is this whole 'instant blog' situation where someone else deals with the computer stuff for me and I can just write. Brilliant. So a migration.

Brother-Bug is waking up. My time to write has evaporated once again. So in the future, many post will be re-posts. Migrations. Old posts from old blogs that I just want to keep around.

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