Monday, September 3, 2012

Help Lonesome Whistle!

Over the past year I have written lots and lots about Lonesome Whistle Farm and the tasty things I do with their beans and grains. Local farmers work really hard, without Labor Day, benefits (like health insurance), and other safety nets that many of us have available. They farm because they believe in farming and love it. 

If you have read, enjoyed, or tried one of the Bean or Grain recipes I have posted here, please read this letter from Willamette Farm & Food, and consider helping these farmers out. Jeff had an accident with the combine and they need extra hands and money. Everyone does better when everyone does better. 

Thank you. 

Let's get those beans and grains in! It's harvest time. 


Dear friends of the Southern Willamette Valley Bean & Grain Project,

Farmer Jeff Broadie (Lonesome Whistle) had a serious accident last month while working on his c

The good news is: he’s going to be okay

The bad news is: Jeff and Kasey don’t have health insurance

The combine was jammed and Jeff was trying to free it when a bar released and hit him square in the face. A few inches closer and he’d likely be dead. A few inches further back and he might have gone unscathed. After 2 ½ hours of surgery they put his nose back together. Although his eye socket cracked, his eye is okay. He is recuperating now at home, but as you know, this is bean and grain harvest season … the antithesis to bed rest!

Here at Willamette Farm and Food, we are offering to help out by doing what we do best … NETWORK.

We are taking up a collection to help defray Jeff’s medical expenses. If you are moved to contribute, make your check payable to Lonesome Whistle Farm and mail to:
WFFC, PO Box 41672, Eugene, OR 97404

We are also organizing volunteers for a few harvest work parties in the next month. The first one will be this Sunday from 10am – 2pm [NOTE: This date has already passed]. Helpers will be hand pulling bean plants and laying them on tarps to dry.

Please bring sun hat, water bottle, and a pair of work gloves. (Directions: Take River Road north to Montmorence Drive - just beyond Lone Pine farm stand - turn left and park near red barn.)

RSVP to or call Isabelle at (541) 345-0265 (knowing how many folks are coming helps with planning)
If you can’t come this Sunday, but are interested in helping out on another day, respond to this email with your name and phone number and we will add you to the growing list of big hearted helpers.

One of the things that often motivates me to do what I do … educate people about the importance of buying locally grown food, is that I want to see farms thrive economically. Thriving … means being able to afford health insurance for your family and farm employees. I’m sure we can all rant about the state of affordable health care. In the meantime, I want to support the people who work so hard to feed us well. And I’m guessing you do too.

Thank you for your passion for good food, your interest in our local farms, and your support.


Lynne Fessenden

Executive Director, Willamette Farm and Food Coalition

(Copied from Food For Thought on KLCC's Facebook Page)

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