Saturday, April 23, 2011

No Liver N' Onions For Me...

I really don't like liver. In fact, I refuse to eat it. There is something in the texture and flavor that I can't force myself through. Foods like that make me crazy, because I have very few foods I just don't like. Most things I can eat and even enjoy.

But liver is good for me - I know that as a nursing mom my body needs the iron and vitamin D in liver. Add to that the fact that I buy our meat in sides, split with friends, so I get half a cow liver once a year. That's a lot of liver. And so I have to eat liver. Somehow.

Wonder of wonders! This year I have figured it out. On recommendation of my midwife I have been grinding my liver, a quarter-pound at a time, into our ground beef. It takes a few minutes. You can't taste the liver, can't even tell that it is there. If anything, the beef is even tastier for the deeper flavor the liver imparts. And it bulks up a pound of ground nicely, just making those burgers a little bigger.

Maybe someday I will learn to love liver for its own sake, but for now I am just glad I found a way to get it in our diet.

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