Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Migration: Early Notice

I've been debating and contemplating moving my blog from here to a WordPress blog. The writing app for iPad and iPhone is really...not very good, and the writing in my new (!thanks Mom!) iPad on a browser doesn't work either. There are a host of minor, very first-world-problems, that cause draft posts to pile up on my phone or iPad until I can get time on our laptop to do all the laptop/browser only details which make each post flow, have pictures, etc.

I don't have a new web address yet, and I will be migrating my content as well as dual posting for a while after the Big Move. But I know I have some loyal readers out there and I wanted to you know, first thing, to keep your eye out for the new address. I promise I will try to keep this move as simple for everyone as possible.

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